Reveiling a Cultural Landscape

To be published in July 2022

220 Pages
25 x 17 cm
1 A2 map of the 500 Sites
1 A3 poster of the Sites, organised by size

For three young designers, a design residency led to a year of advocating for the preservation of the Cultural Landscape of moated homesteads they helped unveil in Southwest Flanders.

They established the Eiland Collective and are now designing different initiatives to help grow an ecosystem of communities involved in shifting the development goals of their local environment. They want to explore sustainable design practices that rely on a newly-found sense of belonging.

  (The book will be published
   in the upcoming months)

p. 3 to 9
I. The future of urban leisure
p. 10 to 53
II. The Moated Homesteads of Southwest Flanders
p. 53 to 95
III. Eilands: a metaphore
p. 95 to 129
IV. Visit some Eilands
p. 129 to 173
V. Shaping the image of the city
p. 173 to 210
p. 210 to 220